30/04/2019 12:04 BST

Kylie Minogue Talks Sex And Drugs As She Opens Up About ‘Doomed’ Romance With Michael Hutchence

"He was a dark bad boy and I was the pure good girl".

Kylie Minogue has spoken candidly about her relationship with Michael Hutchence in a new documentary about the INXS frontman’s life.

Kylie, who dated the Aussie rockstar between 1989 and 1991, opens up about their romance in the film, Mystify: Michael Hutchence, admitting he “was a dark bad boy and I was the pure good girl”.

Mick Hutson via Getty Images
Kylie and Michael dated between 1989 and 1991.

The pop princess says the singer, who died by suicide in 1997, “awakened my desire for things in my world”.

“Sex, love, food, drugs, music, travel, books, you name it, he wanted to experience it,” Kylie says.

“As his partner I got to experience a lot of that as well. If you’re a sensual being, all of your senses need stimulation. He definitely awakened my desire for things in my world.”

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The pair began dating when they were two of the most famous people on the planet after meeting after a gig in Australia.

“He had insatiable curiosity, all the good things in life and some the bad,” Kylie says.

“He opened up a whole new world for me. A lot of it was based around pleasure, let’s face it.”

Speaking about their split, when Michael flew from Japan to New York to break up with her, Kylie admits the relationship was “probably doomed”.

“[It] felt loving, yet sad,” Kylie says.

“(Michael was) on the floor, on all fours, crying. Was it work, was it the drugs? I don’t know. He was like a broken man.”

Five years later the musician was found dead in a Sydney hotel room after taking his own life.

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Kylie at Michael's funeral in 1997.

The documentary, which had its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last week, contains never-before-seen footage of the singer’s life, including clips of Kylie and Michael on holiday together.

The film’s director Richard Lowenstein, himself a long-time friend of Hutchence and director of several INXS videos, found the footage in his attic after 30 years.