Are You ‘Kyling’ For Kyle Walker? Football Fans Are Copying That Cramp Pose On Social Media

Show your commitment to football with minimal physical effort.

This is the closest England have come to holding the World Cup trophy in nearly three decades (the last time we were in the tournament semi-final was in 1990) and it is fair to say football fever has well and truely set in across the country.

Regardless of how much of a football fan you normally are, it is hard to avoid getting caught up in the relentless optimism on social media: something that was but a distant sci-fi dream four years ago.

And one way people are getting involved is taking pictures of themselves ‘Kyling’ - a trend which involves lying on your back with your legs in the air emulating the position Kyle Walker was lying in when Eric Dier scored the historic winning penalty against Colombia last week.

To be fair to Walker he was suffering with cramp and was trying to alleviate some of the agony. Nevertheless people aren’t going to let it go anytime soon.

School children across the country have been ‘Kyling’ with the help of their teachers.

Others have been doing it at home.

And abroad.

People have even persuaded their mums to give it a go for the sake of Twitter (and national morale).

Even fans who are too young to walk are getting involved.

And to be honest, it wouldn’t be England without people getting their pets involved.

Come on Southgate, we know you won’t disappoint us now.