Labour Councillor Left Red-Faced After He Is Accused Of Pinching Light From Local Bar

HuffPost UK understands that Jack Deakin, who played a key role during the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, has apologised for his behaviour.
Councillor Jack Deakin has now returned the light to the Colmore Tap.
Councillor Jack Deakin has now returned the light to the Colmore Tap.
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A Birmingham Labour councillor has been left red-faced after he was accused of nabbing a light fixture on a night out.

Jack Deakin, who was elected in May this year and sits as the council’s chair of the Commonwealth Games scrutiny committee, was allegedly seen on CCTV footage at the Colmore Tap last month.

HuffPost UK understands that Deakin has been accused of removing and taking the light fitting while he visited the bar towards the end of July.

It is understood that Deakin admitted to and apologised for the faux pas and has now returned the light after the venue complained and demanded it back.

The Colmore Tap describes itself as a “luxurious and stylish venue” that is “perfect for an evening relaxing with friends”.

“A 30-foot-long bar awaits you alongside marbled tables, spectacular chandeliers and cosy corners,” the website says.

HuffPost UK contacted the bar and they confirmed that the incident had taken place but said it had been resolved “amicably”.

But it has nevertheless not gone down well in Birmingham after locals pointed the incident took place at a time when the city was under the spotlight.

A local Labour source said it was “incredible” that the party had taken no action and accused it of sweeping the row under the carpet.

“This involved a councillor with a key role in the Commonwealth Games during the Commonwealth Games,” they added.

They said that although Deakin had given the light back, his behaviour was “completely unacceptable”.

In a tweet posted shortly after the Games ended, Deakin celebrated that they had been a “blast” and had shown “the world how great our city is”.

He added: “Maybe we’ll see you again!”

HuffPost UK contacted Deakin for comment on multiple occasions but did not receive a response.

Deakin was elected to Birmingham council in May with a majority of just 14 votes.

That same month he was chosen to chair the council’s Commonwealth Games, Culture and Physical Activity Overview & Scrutiny Committee, which holds members of the Cabinet accountable for their decisions.

The Commonwealth Games, which brings together athletes from the 54 nations in the Commonwealth, arrived in Birmingham on July 28 and ended on August 8.

England celebrated a medal haul of 176, while Scotland took home 51, Wales 28 and Northern Ireland 18.

England’s chef de mission Mark England heaped praise on the people of Birmingham for their contribution to the games, saying they had “come out in bucket-loads and supported the team”.

“They’ve pushed us to the greatest ever medal return and we couldn’t be more proud of the athletes,” he said.

The Labour Party declined to comment.


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