commonwealth games

HuffPost UK understands that Jack Deakin, who played a key role during the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, has apologised for his behaviour.
Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix topped the leaderboard in the women’s 10-metre platform diving.
Comedian later included home secretary Priti Patel in a message saying it was "just a bit of banter".
Games chiefs bowed to pressure from 51 community campaigners to make the board more representative of the diverse city.
When the Commonwealth Games came to the Scottish city, promises of regeneration were made to locals. But nearly four years later, services are shutting their doors.
"You feel part of a network of strong, empowered women."
With Coventry being the country’s Capital of Culture in 2021, and the Commonwealth Games in 2022 following soon after, we have a massive opportunity to showcase our region to the rest of the world
The deep-rooted homophobia in many countries stems from the homophobia that Britain exported and entrenched