06/07/2017 11:30 BST | Updated 06/07/2017 16:18 BST

Labour MP Savages DUP's 'Repulsive, Vile, Immoral, Offensive And Obnoxious' Views On LGBT Rights

'Isn’t it time to save Ulster from bigotry?.'

Education Secretary Justine Greening has said there will be “no backsliding” on LGBT rights, as she was questioned on DUP’s “vile” views on equality.

Theresa May’s decision to turn to the socially conservative DUP to prop up her minority government has led to fears the government may water down its commitment to LGBT rights.

Labour MP Paula Sherriff told Greening in the Commons today: “DUP representatives have described homosexuality as repulsive, wrong, vile, immoral, offensive and obnoxious.

“Does the minister agree that it these hateful remarks themselves are repulsive, wrong, vile, immoral, offensive and obnoxious and they should have no place in our politics, let alone in government.”

She asked: “The DUP once ran a campaign called ‘save Ulster from sodomy’, isn’t it time to save Ulster from bigotry?” 

 This weekend is London Pride and last year Greening marked the event by publicly announcing she was in a same-sex relationship.

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Justine Greening has said the government remains committed to LGBT rights.

Greening, who also serves as equalities minister, told Sherriff the DUP’s views on homosexuality were “absolutely not ones I agree with”.

“I think it’s important there way in which we have this debate and progress continued improvements in LGBT rights, women’s rights, in the rights of disabled people, all sorts of people who face discrimination in our country is in a measured fashion,” she said.

The Conservative Putney MP said she hoped the “steadily win the battle” for equal rights.

In answer to another question in the Commons, Greening also attempted to reassure backbenchers that there “will be no backsliding on LGBT rights from this government” and said it wanted to “continue the progress that has been made”.