Labour MP Says General Election 'Is Not About Changing The Government'

Helen Goodman predicts Jeremy Corbyn can not win.

A Labour MP has said the general election is not about “changing the government”

In an interview with ITV News on Thursday, Helen Goodman was asked if Jeremy Corbyn was “a prime minister”.

She said: “I don’t think that this election is about changing the government. I think this election is about preventing the Tories from getting such an overwhelming majority that there is no possibility of dissent in this country.”

The MP for Bishop Auckland’s concession that Labour will not win on June 8 came as Corbyn made the first major speech of the campaign.

The Labour leader said despite trailing Theresa May in the polls, the election was not a “foregone conclusion”.

Asked about the apparent Conservative’s double-digit poll lead, Corbyn referenced his Labour leadership victory.

“In 2015, almost exactly two years ago, I was given 200-1 as an outside chance,” he said.


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