Nadine Dorries Deletes Tweet After Being Accused Of Not Knowing What She Voted For

'New depths of legal ignorance and giddy stupidity.'

Nadine Dorries deleted a tweet on Wednesday night after being accused of failing to understand what she had actually just voted for in Parliament.

Following a vote in which MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of a snap general election, the Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire tweeted:

The now-deleted tweet posted by Nadine Dorries
The now-deleted tweet posted by Nadine Dorries

But Dorries and her colleagues had undertaken nothing of the sort.

It was in fact in line with the legislation brought in by David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg in 2011 - the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act - which says an early election can be called if the Commons votes in favour with a two thirds majority.

Dorries went on to delete the tweet - but not before being hit by a barrage of criticism...

After deleting the offending tweet, Dorries inexplicably made another statement largely along the same line.

Which again prompted despair...

The next general election had been due in 2020 but after yesterday’s vote, the date has been confirmed as 8 June this year.

The vote in parliament was passed by 522 to 13, a majority of 509.

The majority of Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem MPs voted in favour of an early election. SNP MPs abstained.

May told the Commons an election was necessary to ensure “stability and certainty” for the country. “Now is the time for a general election because it will strengthen our hand in negotiations on Brexit,” she said.

The prime minister also said holding an election now was needed in order to push the following election back until 2022.


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