Nadine Dorries Calls James O'Brien A 'Public School F**k Wit' For Attending Same School As Her Daughters

A 'glorious self own'.

An MP has branded broadcaster James O’Brien a “public school fuck wit”, despite the fact he attended the same school as her daughters.

The LBC host, who occasionally presents BBC Newsnight and regularly argues with Leave voters who phone in to his show, apparently blocked the pro-Brexit Nadine Dorries, Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire, on Twitter.

Nadine Dorries and James O'Brien
Nadine Dorries and James O'Brien
Press Association

Dorries, who is perhaps best known for going on I’m A Celebrity while sitting as an MP, was unhappy about being blocked, tweeting:

She then said he blocked her mainly because he was a “public school posh boy fuck wit”.

O’Brien pointed out he attended Ampleforth College in Yorkshire, where her daughter also went.

This prompted Dorries to correct him.

But the fact O’Brien incorrectly suggested only one of her daughters went to Ampleforth was not what made an impression, with people enjoying her “glorious self own”.

...and wondering whether calling someone a “fuck wit” was conduct we should expect from an MP.

...and questioning her spelling.

HuffPost UK was reminded of the Question Time show in 2015 when Tory MP and Old Etonian Jacob Rees-Mogg was burned for his elite schooling by David Dimbleby.

But Rees-Mogg won the exchange, reminding the host his own son attended Eton at the same time.


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