Labour Party Conference 2016: Jeremy Corbyn 'Wishes Labour MPs Well' If They Face Reselection

Jeremy Corbyn 'Wishes Labour MPs Well' If They Face Reselection

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested some Labour MPs may be deselected by local party activists ahead of the next general election.

Some allies of the Labour leader, who was re-elected yesterday, have called for MPs who are disloyal to be replaced.

Corbyn told the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme today that the upcoming boundary changes, which will see the number of constituencies cut from 650 to 600, meant there would have to be a new selection in every seat.

Asked about reselection of sitting MPs, he said: “I wish them well.

“The relationship between an MP and their constituency is a complex one. It’s not necessarily all the policy tick-boxing exercise, it’s also the relationship with the community.

“Let’s have a democratic discussion and I think the vast majority of MPs will have no problem whatsoever.”

Speaking to ITV’s Peston on Sunday, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he and Corbyn did not want mandatory reselection of MPs.

Some Labour MPs, including Hove’s Peter Kyle, are under pressure from members of their local party for opposing Corbyn.

The Labour leader in the past has said he will not “interfere” if Kyle’s local party tries to deselect him.

Ken Livingstone, a close ally of Corbyn, has said “backstabbing MPs” who tried to oust the Labour leader should be prepared to be kicked out of their seat.

“MPs have had the right to challenge Jeremy, why can’t they be challenged to reselection in the run up to the next election?” he told BBC’s This Week. “An MPs seat shouldn’t be a job for life.”

Yesterday, Corbyn was re-elected Labour leader over Owen Smith - increasing his margin of victory on what he secured when he was first elected in 2015.


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