25/04/2017 10:23 BST

Labour's Barry Gardiner Left Red-Faced After GMB's Susanna Reid Reveals 'Remain' Logo On His iPad

Stickers are quite hard to peel off to be fair.

Labour’s Barry Gardiner was embarrassed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning after host Susanna Reid revealed to viewers that he still had a ‘Remain’ campaign sticker on his iPad.

The shadow business secretary said he accepted the result of the referendum.

“I voted against Brexit. But I am a democrat. I sometimes think the Liberal Democrats have forgotten the second name in their title,” he said.

The Lib Dems have argued there should be a second referendum on the eventual Brexit deal that would allow the public to overturn thefirst  vote to leave.

But as Gardiner was talking, Reid picked up his iPad which was resting on the table in the studio.

“It looks a little bit a like a lot of these politicians are dragging their heels. I just noticed on your iPad, because you brought it in it, still has the campaign sticker on,” she told Gardiner.

“If you are still going around with campaign slogans on it looks like you are not very enthusiastic.”

Today Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Kier Starmer set out his party’s plan to bring in new laws to protect the rights of workers and EU nationals under Brexit - and give Parliament a possible veto on any deal with Brussels. 

It came as Lord Mandelson warned Labour’s policy on the EU was not clear. Asked on BBC Newsnight what his party’s approach was, he said: “well, search me”.