'Goth Block' Is Sun Cream For... Well, Goths

Most importantly: It doesn't stain black clothes.

Does the thought of stepping into the sun make you want to burst into a thousand flames? We've got the beauty product for you.

'Goth Block', with an SPF 50, promises "max-emo protection" and claims to help the tattooed keep their ink fresh.

The brainchild of fun sunscreen brand Let It Block, a tube of 'Goth Block' will set you back a not-so-scary $14.99 (£10.50).

Let It Block

Those not planning to spend the summertime indoors reading vampire fiction may be fans of their other offering, the hip-hop inspired 'Sun DMC'.

The mineral-based formulas boast protection against both UVA and UVB rays, water-resistance and skin-soothing aloe vera extract.

Environment-conscious goths will also be pleased to know 'Goth Block's' packaging is not only black, but also recyclable.