Are you a beauty lover with a dark side? We've found the item your dressing table has been missing. Behold, the coffin lipstick
Most importantly: It doesn't stain black clothes.
Does the thought of stepping into the sun make you want to burst into a thousand flames? We've got the beauty product for
We called it 'the John Carpenter' mouse I’ve been a fan of taxidermy for as long as I can remember. Because who couldn’t
Hate crime is not a new concept. Throughout history there are many examples of groups being marginalised, oppressed and discriminated against. Many of the world's conflicts have stemmed from hatred towards particular groups, and genocide is hate crime in its extremist form. Hate crime is most definitely a human rights issue and should be treated as such.
A police force has become the first in the country to record attacks on goths, emos and punks as hate crimes. Abuse towards
Warm up with a bit of Bauhaus; ramp up the pace with Killing Joke, a touch of Siouxsie; then take a fag break and puke in the corner to The Cramps while the session winds down with The Cure and a few obscure 4AD acts that you pretend you bought on the original vinyl with the art prints and everything.
Every 22 May, Goths across the world celebrate their subculture with a day of parties, concerts and events. According to
Otherworldly tales remain popular because they allow us to escape our everyday lives. For a few hours we can experience all the wonders of a new world, both the good and the bad. We can set aside the maths homework or that stack of reports waiting for us on our desk at work.