17/06/2019 10:43 BST | Updated 17/06/2019 15:49 BST

Lewis Capaldi Says Noel Gallagher Slagging Him Off Is A Career Highlight

The Someone You Loved singer said he's "f***ing peaked" now he's been slated by Noel.

The list of artists Noel Gallagher has slagged off in the media is one that grows longer and longer as the years drag on, with chart-topping singer Lewis Capaldi now the latest name added to the bottom.

Far from being upset at Noel dragging him through the mud, though, Lewis has actually joked the former Oasis singer’s comments are a career highlight.

On Sunday, Noel appeared on Radio X, where he once again lamented the state of the music industry in 2019, observing: “Music is fucking wank at the moment. Who’s this Capaldi fella… who the fuck’s that idiot?” 

Mark Holloway via Getty Images
Noel Gallagher

Lewis, who recently celebrated his fourth week at the top of the UK album chart, quickly responded to Noel’s remarks on his much-celebrated Instagram page, and he didn’t seem the least bit bothered.

Posting on his story, Lewis said: “Fucking peaked – slagged off by Noel Gallagher!

“Number 1 single – who gives a fuck? Number 1 album – who gives a fuck? Noel Gallagher has just slagged me off. This is dreams coming true.”

Making what could well be his own dig at Noel, Lewis added: “It’s Father’s Day and I’m being slagged off by a man who’s old enough to be my dad, and I’ve never been more happy.”

As if being *checks notes* slagged off wasn’t enough excitement for one year, 2019 is shaping up to be a big one for Lewis, topping the UK singles chart with Someone You Loved and celebrating the longest-running number one album of the year with Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent.

Andrew Benge via Getty Images
Lewis Capaldi

Speaking to HuffPost UK earlier this year about his success, he commented: “ I think if anyone says they expect [it], they’re absolute bullshitting bastards, because it’s just fucking so, so weird... it’s so strange.”

“You can’t take this all seriously, otherwise you’ll go fucking mental,” he added.

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