12/01/2018 11:45 GMT

Liam Gallagher Says Noel’s Wife Won’t Allow Him To Be Involved In Oasis Reunion

Noel previously said getting back together would 'kill him as a person'.

Liam Gallagher has claimed his brother Noel is “desperate” to reform Oasis but there is just one thing stopping him - his wife. 

Despite previously claiming he wouldn’t want a musical reunion, Liam seems to think Noel is much keener on the idea than him.

Dave Hogan via Getty Images
Noel and Liam Gallagher in 2003 

Speaking to NME, he said: “[Noel] is desperate to get Oasis back but he knows he’s crossed that bridge.

“And he’s not allowed to, his missus [Sara MacDonald] won’t let him now, cos she’s another one.”

He added: “I know for a fact, deep down, he wants to be playing stadiums... You can only play stadiums when I’m there.

“I don’t think our kid’s got it in him anymore, anyway. It seems to me like he’s playing to the snobs and the world and the toffs.”

Claiming that his brother - who is lead singer of High Flying Birds -  “is not a frontman”, he continued: “I’m not a songwriter. He’s not meant to be in the middle of that f****** stage. I’m meant to be centre-stage and no-one can touch me.”

Noel previously claimed he had no desire to reform Oasis, saying it would “kill him as a person”. 

Just before Christmas, Liam revealed that he’s patched things up with Noel earlier this week, telling fans they’ve been back in contact with each other.

Both brothers released albums last year, with Liam and Noel topping the charts in October and November respectively.