17/05/2017 11:53 BST

Liam Payne Borrows Cheryl's £1,285 Trousers, Rocks Gender Neutral Fashion

Cool ✌️

Liam Payne wore a pair of women’s trousers during his promotional tour in the US, making an insouciantly cool gender neutral fashion statement. 

The trousers, belonging to his partner Cheryl, were part of Payne’s ensemble as he visited Music Choice in New York City on Tuesday 16 May. 

When asked about his style choices, Payne told The Sun:

“I just went and started shopping and my missus is a fashionista… these are actually her trousers.”

Robin Marchant via Getty Images

Priced at £1,285, the combat-inspired trousers by Dutch designer Ronald Van Der Kemp were first showcased during Couture Fashion Week in Paris in January 2017. 

Currently touring the US, promoting his debut solo single, Payne wore the camouflage patchwork trousers - paired with army-style boots and a light grey hoodie.