Heidi Klum Is Taking Her Lidl 'Lets Wow' Collection To New York Fashion Week

Heidi Klum wows us again.

Lidl and Heidi Klum have teamed up to create an affordable collection of casual wear for women, naming the campaign ‘LETSWOW.

The theme of the collection is “Heidi & The City,” with staple pieces like fitted jeans and tan suede jacket.

And in keeping with the city girl theme, the collection will be shown to international press at New York Fashion Week in September, we kid you not.

Lidl/Heidi Klum

The pieces are not meant to be avant-garde or groundbreaking in design, but everyday essentials that are reliably low-key but stylish.

Looks feature trendy high street trends such as a leopard print, romantic lace and leather.

The 18-piece collection will be available at an affordable price, with pieces that range from £6.99 to £49.99.

Lidl/Heidi Klum

Klum commented: “I wanted to create fashion with a wow effect that is easy to combine and makes every woman look fantastic - and all at an unbeatable price.”

Lidl/Heidi Klum

After its anticipated launch, the #LETSWOW collection will be available in 670 Lidl UK stores from the 18 September.

Lidl/Heidi Klum

It will also be available in 28 countries and over 10,000 Lidl stores worldwide.

Klum’s part in this collaboration is not that surprising, as the busy entrepreneur is known for stepping outside of her comfort zone.

Await the drop in a Lidl store (very) near you.


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