Lily Allen Reveals She Was 'Very Angry' With Lindsay Lohan Over Matching Tattoo Mishap

"She had sold it to me as an original idea!" Lily recalled during an appearance on the Off Menu podcast.
Lily Allen
Lily Allen
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Lily Allen has revealed she was “very angry” with Lindsay Lohan over matching tattoos they once got.

The Smile singer recalled her and the Parent Trap actor both getting ‘Shhh’ tattooed on their fingers after a drunken night out in 2009 at Lindsay’s suggestion.

However, Lily was less than impressed when she discovered that the inking was not original and that Lindsay had actually got the idea from Rihanna.

Speaking to Ed Gamble and James Acaster on the Off Menu podcast with, Lily – who has since had the tattoo changed to the year of her birth – recalled: “Did you know me and Lindsay Lohan got friendship tattoos together?

“When we were very, very inebriated… must be more than 10 years ago now she broke me out of Chateau Marmont hotel at about three in the morning and I had promo to do the next day.

“She knew out to get out the back way so she came to my room and we jumped over the fence out the back of the hotel and then ran down Sunset Boulevard to Shamrock tattoo parlour and we both got this tattoo that – now says 1985 – but that night it said ‘shhh’.

’So I was quite pleased with that then woke up the next day and the headlines were like ‘Lindsay and Lily copy Rihanna’ and I was very angry with Lindsay because she had sold it to me as an original idea!”

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
New York Daily News via Getty Images

Lily added: “She did not tell me that it was already existing on one of the coolest pop stars in the whole world.”

Lily and Lindsay were regularly pictured hanging out together in the late 2000s, when Lindsay was dating Samantha Ronson, who is the sister of Lily’s friend and collaborator, music producer Mark Ronson.

During the interview, Lily also revealed the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, in which Lindsay starred and turned the then-child actor into a global name, was a “bone of contention” between them, as Lily had also gone up for the role.

“I would always get drunk and be like: ‘I could have been you,’” Lily explained.

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