17/02/2017 15:01 GMT | Updated 17/02/2017 16:50 GMT

Linda Nolan Unveils Incredible Facelift Results To Sister Coleen On ‘Loose Women’


Linda Nolan had a bit of a surprise for her sister Coleen during an appearance on Friday’s ‘Loose Women’.

But instead of presenting her younger sibling with a bunch of flowers or a box of chocs, the former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star revealed... a brand new face.


Linda decided to go under the knife as she felt, at the age of 57, she was looking old and tired.

But the star admitted she waited for Coleen to enter the ‘CBB’ house last month to have the op, because she knew she’d try to talk her out of having it.

Despite that, Coleen - who had been blindfolded ahead of the big reveal - was seriously impressed with her sister’s new look.

Linda before (L) and after (R)

“Wow! You look fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! Oh it’s weird,” she told her.

Talking about her decision to get the surgery Linda said: “I came on the show [Loose Women] just after you went into the Big Brother house. Well because I was frightened that you would try and talk me out of it.

“I didn’t want you to because it was for me, I’d thought long and hard about it. And it was amazing yeah, five and a half hours of surgery. I was sedated.“


Explaining what the procedure involved, Linda said: “I had a lower facelift with extreme skin peel and they did a little bit of laser surgery round my eyes. I’ve got one more little treatment to have on that [points to lip area].”

Linda joked: “I’m definitely the younger sister now.”

When asked whether she had any low points following the surgery, she said: “No, just the second day we just hadn’t got the pain medication right and I was frightened to take too much.

“So I had a little pain the next day but then I knew it was going to be sore. They told me my ears were really sore because that’s where they put the skin behind and that’s where the scars are.”

“I’m thrilled about my neck, that’s what I wanted and my jowls have gone.”


Linda said she felt she could now move on with her life.

“You have to be right inside your head before you get the outside right. And that’s why I waited for quite a while.

“I do feel more confident and I’ve been for a couple of auditions and I got both the jobs and I think that is the confidence as well.”

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