Linda Robson Sets Record Straight On Rumours Of Rift With Former Birds Of A Feather Co-Star Pauline Quirke

"A load of old codswallop."

Linda Robson has shot down rumours she has fallen out with former Birds of A Feather co-star Pauline Quirke.

There were rumours of a rift between the pair after Pauline decided not to reprise her role as Sharon Theodopolopodous in the sitcom’s Christmas special last year.

Linda has now said the pair remain firm friends and Pauline skipped the reunion because she’s keen to step away from the limelight.

Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson in Birds of a Feather in 1998
Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson in Birds of a Feather in 1998
Fremantle Media/Shutterstock

She told The Sun: “Take no notice of what you’ve heard about me and Pauline falling out. It’s a load of old codswallop.

“Pauline just chose not to do Birds Of A Feather. She wants to concentrate on her acting academy, that’s that.

“We’ve known each other since we were ten. We’re friends. Will Pauline return to the show? I don’t know.

“I just know that the Christmas special went down really well. ITV were really, really pleased.”

Pauline and Linda with c-star Lesley Joseph
Pauline and Linda with c-star Lesley Joseph
Rossie Hallam - PA Images via Getty Images

Linda also remains close to Lesley Joseph, who plays Dorien Green in Birds of a Feather.

She shared: “Lesley lives close to me in Wandsworth so I’d go with my husband and we leave things on her doorstep.

“It’s mostly funny things like lady’s tweezers to pluck the hair on her chin, them sort of things, funny things.

“And then some flowers and that. But Pauline lives in Buckinghamshire so it’s not as easy to get to hers. I’ve not left any funny things on her doorsteps.”

Birds Of A Feather originally aired for nine series on BBC One between 1989 and 1999, before returning to ITV in 2014, where it has aired three full series and four Christmas specials.

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