Line Of Duty Viewers Spot Huge Filming Fail In DS Arnott's Lift Scene

We can seeee yooouuu 👀

WARNING: Contains spoilers about the latest episode of Line Of Duty

Eagle-eyed Line Of Duty viewers have spotted a filming fail during the latest episode of the BBC police drama.

During a tense scene from episode three of the new series, DS Steve Arnott is seen hurrying away into a lift to escape an impromptu department drug test.

But as the AC-12 detective backs into the corner of the lift, some viewers couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t alone...

The official Line of Duty Twitter account even responded, and it was typically cryptic…

As well as spotting the lift blunder some viewers also think the latest episode featured a major clue about the elusive “H” - in the unlikeliest of places.

Fans noticed something rather odd about the tiles in the kitchen of John Corbett’s widow Steph...

While the mystery about the identity of “H” was somewhat answered at the end of series five, it was also revealed that there are four people pertaining to be “H”, with the final one still unknown.

“H” is a code name referring to one or a group of senior ranking corrupt police officers within the Central Police.

Line Of Duty continues on Sunday night at 9pm on BBC One.


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