'Line Of Duty' Episode 6: Who IS Balaclava Man? Ahead Of Sunday Finale, Vote Here

'Line Of Duty' concludes on Sunday 30 April.

‘Line Of Duty’ has kept us gripped for six long weeks, but on Sunday, we will finally learn all of Roz Huntley’s secrets - including, fingers crossed, why she has been so intent, at the cost of her career, her marriage, her arm(!), to secure a conviction for Michael Farmer when it’s quite clear he’s not in the frame for at least some of the attacks?


At the heart of the investigation, both by her team and AC-12, is the identity of ‘Balaclava Man’, the man of average build who keeps turning up on CCTV, whether it’s near the original murders, or outside the building where Steve Arnott met his assailant. He’s clearly a piece of work, culpable in the murders of two women, the assault of another, plus poor Steve’s injuries - but who is he?

We round up the usual suspects - have your vote above, and we’ll see if we can work it out ahead of AC-12’s finest?

Nick Huntley
Hence Roz’s initial frantic cover-up, although that may have misfired now.

Jimmy Lakewell
The only other person who knew Steve Arnott was anywhere near Huntley’s office, plus he had the link with Farmer, plus he phoned Roz to tell her he’d been summoned by AC-12. Plus, he’s slimey.

ACC Hilton
Probably not, too backroom creep, but possibly has motive in wanting to continue the coppers’ corruption from Tony Gates’ time (Series 1!), plus stitching up AC-12 any way he can.

Another copper?
Neil Tyler, Ian Buckells or even Jamie Desford - none of these are particularly satisfying, though.

Jodie Taylor
Now wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books??

The series finishes on Sunday with what looks like another potential shoot-out in the heart of AC-12. Have they learnt nothing from their dealings with Dot Cottan?? Walls of brick, not glass, people!

‘Line Of Duty’ concludes on Sunday evening at 9pm on BBC One.


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