Line Of Duty Fans Reckon DS Chris Lomax Is A Bent Copper After Spotting Clue

Not another one.

Line Of Duty is already rife with “bent coppers”, but viewers think they’ve caught another one after spotting another revealing clue.

Concerns have been raised about the Murder Investigation Team’s DS Chris Lomax, following the most recent episode of the police drama.

In a scene from Sunday’s show, Lomax was seen at the OCG’s gun workshop, where he made a throwaway remark that some fans believe is significant.

DS Lomax (right) with DI Fleming
DS Lomax (right) with DI Fleming
Steffan Hill/BBC/World Productions

Prior to DI Kate Fleming and DI Steve Arnott’s arrival at the scene, he could be heard telling a colleague how he hoped to be “in The Red Lion by 8pm”.

Now, while The Red Lion is a common pub name, it was also the name of the establishment where OCG member Carl Banks was heard boasting about killing journalist Gail Vella by CHIS Alistair Oldroyd.

Some viewers believe the fact he drinks at an establishment that has known organised crime connections could point to the fact Lomax is corrupt...

It’s not the first time viewers have suggested the officer could be corrupt, either.

Some people reckon he was in the gang of youths who attacked Lawrence Christopher in 2003, along with Tommy Hunter’s son Darren.

The internet is also flooded with other theories ahead of Sunday night’s finale, as many fans believe corrupt former officer Marcus Thurwell is actually alive, after the character was “found dead” at his Spanish villa – and some of then claim to have the proof.

Suspicions have also been raised about DCS Patrica Carmichael, as some viewers spotted what they believe might be a clue that confirms she’s “H”.

Line Of Duty concludes on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.


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