08/05/2017 15:46 BST

'Line Of Duty' Boss Reveals Alternate Ending To Series 4 Would Have Seen A Different Balaclava Man

Now this would have been interesting.

‘Line Of Duty’ creator and writer Jed Mercurio has revealed an alternative ending to series four, and how it would have seen a different character unveiled as Balaclava Man. 

Spoiler alert! Do not read on if you have not yet watched the final episode.

The series finale of the BBC One police drama saw the masked assailant actually revealed as a random thug who was working with the corrupt ACC Hilton and dodgy lawyer Jimmy Lakewell. 

The episode also saw Thandie Newton’s character DCI Roz Huntley finally confess to the murder of Tim Ifield, after AC-12 were finally able to prove she’d killed him. 

Balaclava Man was finally unveiled in the 'Line Of Duty' finale
Jamie Desford was nearly unveiled as Balaclava Man

It was recently confirmed ‘Line Of Duty’ fans have at least two more series to look forward to, after the BBC commissioned a fifth and six series. 

However, we have a while to wait until it returns to our screens, with the fifth series not due to be aired until Spring 2019.

Jed Mercurio told The Mirror: “The plan is we won’t shoot ‘Line Of Duty’ series five until next year and that means it won’t be on air until 2019.

“I am not planning to write it until next year because I am working on [another project].”

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