Line Of Duty: 12 Shows To Watch The Cast In Now The Series Is Over

If there's an AC-12-shaped hole in your life, these shows could well fill it.

If you’re wondering what on earth you’re going to do without seeing the AC-12 gang in action on Line Of Duty each week following the series’ gripping conclusion, we might just have the answer.

The cast have starred in a plethora of different shows over the course of their respective careers, many of which are currently available to watch on various streaming platforms.

From Motherland and Ashes To Ashes, to Our Girl and Alex Rider, here’s a host of other dramas you can catch the likes of Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Kelly MacDonald and Anna Maxwell Martin in right now...

1. The Nest – Martin Compston

Available on: BBC iPlayer


This emotional thriller first aired on the BBC last year, just as the country was entering lockdown, and became a huge hit.

In case you missed it, Martin plays Dan, who lives with his partner Emily in a stunning house in Glasgow, and while they seemingly have everything, they have struggled to conceive.

However, their lives are turned on their heads when an 18-year-old girl agrees to carry a baby for them, but it soon turns out their “chance” meeting might not be all it seems to be.

2. Good Omens – Anna Maxwell Martin

Available on: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video

Good Omens is based on the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and centres on an Angel and Devil who have to form an unlikely alliance to stop an impending Armageddon.

Problem is, they’ve lost the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy who has no idea he needs to help stop the end of the days.

Anna plays Beezlebub, the leader of the forces from Hell.

3. Ashes To Ashes – Adrian Dunbar

Available on: BBC iPlayer


Long before they appeared together on Line Of Duty, Adrian Dunbar and Keeley Hawes (who played DI Lindsay Denton in series two and three) shared the screen on the hit BBC series Ashes To Ashes, which was a spin-off from Life On Mars.

Adrian played Martin Summers, the main antagonist of the second series. Like Keeley’s character Alex Drake, Martin was lying in a hospital bed in the present day, but alive and well in the parallel universe as his younger self in 1982.

4. This Is England – Vicky McClure

Available on: All4

Channel 4

Vicky rose to fame in Shane Meadows’ This Is England, where she played Lol Jenkins in the 2007 film, reprising the role in its various TV spin-off series, which aired on Channel 4 between 2010 and 2015.

The story centres on a group of young skinheads in early 80s England and follows them as their lives develop over the following seven years.

In the show, Vicky also shared the screen with future Line Of Duty co-star Stephen Graham, who played John Corbett in series five of the police drama.

5. Boardwalk Empire – Kelly Macdonald

Available on: NOW


After making a name for herself in the likes of Trainspotting, Gosford Park and Nanny McPee, Kelly spent a number of years living in the US, where she starred in Boardwalk Empire.

The US period drama, which aired from 2010 to 2014, is set during the Prohibition era of the 1920s, following the corrupt treasurer of Atlantic County, who is involved with various mobs and bootlegging liquor.

Kelly plays Margaret in Boardwalk Empire, a young widow and mother who turns to Nucky for help out of an abusive marriage.

6. Traces – Martin Compston

Available on: BBC iPlayer


This eight-part thriller was made for cable channel Alibi in 2019, but got an outing on BBC One last year.

In it, Martin plays the love interest of lab technician Emma, who takes part in an online course teaching course that sees her given a supposedly fictitious murder case and tasked with identifying the victim and establishing how they died.

However, it turns out the victim is her own mother, who died when she was a child, and her subsequent sleuthing into her previously-unsolved murder takes her into dark and dangerous corners.

7. Alex Rider – Vicky McClure

Available on: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video

Last year, Vicky made her debut in new Amazon espionage drama Alex Rider, which is based on the the novel series of the same name by Anthony Horowitz.

She plays Alex’s handler and deputy head of the Department of Special Operations, Mrs Jones.

A second series of the show is currently in production.

8. Our Girl – Shalom Brune-Franklin

Available on: BBC iPlayer


Australia-based Shalom landed her first major British TV role in 2017 when joined the cast of hit BBC military drama Our Girl in its third series as Private Maisie Richards.

Series lead Georgie (played by Michelle Keegan) immediately clashed with newcomer Maisie when her section were deployed on a humanitarian mission to Nepal after an earthquake. Maisie went on to have a blossoming relationship with Private Rab Kalil.

9. Giri/Haji – Kelly Macdonald

Available on: Netflix


Giri/Haji aired to huge critical acclaim on BBC Two in 2019, but it never really got the fanfare it deserved, meaning many people missed out on it.

It sees Tokyo detective Kenzo Mori travel to London in search of his brother Yuto, who was previously assumed to have been dead after being accused of murdering the nephew of an organised crime gang member. His hunt brings him into contact with dangerous elements of London’s corrupt criminal underworld.

Kelly stars as police officer DC Sarah Weitzmann.

10. Motherland – Anna Maxwell Martin

Available on: Netflix, new series coming to BBC Two later this month


Anna’s BBC Two sitcom has become a cult hit since debuting in 2016.

It follows frazzled mum Julia, played by Anna, who is struggling to juggle the trials and tribulations of parenthood with a fast-paced job, and whose poor organisational skills means she’s at odds with the “Alpha Mums” from school.

While Anna’s Line Of Duty character is calm, collected and no-nonsense, Julia is the complete opposite and is in a permanent state of chaos and exasperation. However, Julia and DCS Patricia Carmichael share one thing in common – some hilarious one-liners.

11. The Victim – Kelly Macdonald

Available on: BritBox


Kelly takes the lead in this BBC drama from 2017, which explores the idea that sometimes the lines between the plaintiff and the accused in a case can blur, with viewers forced to consider who is really “the victim”.

The drama centres around Anna Dean, whose son was murdered 15 years ago. She stands accused of revealing the identity of her son’s killer online, and conspiring to have him killed.

12. Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland – Adrian Dunbar

Available on: My5

Channel 5

If you fancy something a little bit different, then why not join Adrian on his very own travel show.

On the two-part Channel 5 series, he explores the wild and rugged west and north coasts of Ireland, showing us some of his favourite places and fulfilling some of his own ambitions along the way.


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