'Line Of Duty' Spoiler: Adrian Dunbar (Ted Hastings) Drops Massive Hint Ahead Of Sunday's Series 4 Finale

All will be revealed on Sunday.

‘Line of Duty’ reaches its crashing finale on Sunday evening, with fans on the edge of their seats, waiting to discover whether Roz Huntley will get away with her crimes, and just who is Balaclava Man.

Although the cast have done sterling work in keeping the plot under wraps during a series of interviews, Adrian Dunbar - who plays AC-12 chief Ted Hastings - did appear to let something slip when he spoke to TV & Satellite Week magazine.

Adrian Dunbar has let a (tiny) cat out of the bag ahead of the 'Line of Duty' finale
Adrian Dunbar has let a (tiny) cat out of the bag ahead of the 'Line of Duty' finale

Asked about the conflict between police chiefs Hastings and Hilton, Adrian commented: “What Hilton is a part of hasn’t been entirely resolved and we aren’t sure if Ted knows more about that. Those things may turn out to be red herrings, though.”

Ok… so that sounds as though the ‘H’ referred to in Dot Cottan’s dying declaration, that until last week was tucked away in AC-12’s most secret files, could well be the slimy Hilton - and it leads to something bigger. Well, couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

Dunbar also confirmed that many of the storylines in the finale will refer to those begun in previous series: “There are still questions that haven’t been answered. You never know what will come back to bit you on the nose.”

‘Line of Duty’ has pulled in a huge audience for this series, the first on BBC One. Viewers have been left open-mouthed as AC-12 detectives struggle to get to the bottom of Roz Huntley’s deception, even as she has turned the tables on the unit, and led, possibly indirectly, to a severely injured DS Arnott, and a compromised undercover officer in DS Fleming.

‘Line of Duty’ concludes on Sunday evening at 9pm on BBC One.


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