18/04/2016 14:38 BST | Updated 18/04/2016 14:42 BST

LinkedIn Is Helping Students Avoid Common Career Mistakes

Big data will guide graduates' first career moves.

LinkedIn is using its vast membership to help students find the right career.

The professional social network is launching an app that aims to use some basic information to match students with potential careers and even mentors.

LinkedIn Students will suggest jobs based on a user's education to highlight common career choices for graduates.


The app uses big data to suggest trends and to let students know how many LinkedIn members work in a certain field.

It asks students simple questions to get them started, such as "What is your school?" and "When did you graduate?"

It then connects them to recent alumni of their institution, allowing them to make contact.

A senior product manager at LinkedIn told VentureBeat: "This is a soft introduction to students who may not know the value of networking and introduce LinkedIn’s value proposition."

LinkedIn Students will be available on iOS and Android from Monday.