Little Boy Wrote His Older Brother A Heartfelt Card After Their Dad Left

No, you're crying. 😭 😭 😭

A little boy has brought us to tears with the adorable words he wrote in a card to his older brother three months after their dad left.

Ethan Lanphere, from New York, US, is the oldest of three boys. His mum, Heather Lanphere, works long hours as a obstetrician and he has been trying to step up into his dad’s role as much as he can.

This Father’s Day (18 June) was the first year the boys didn’t have their dad around for the celebration.

“Our father left three months ago,” Ethan tweeted on 18 June. “My little brother [nine-year-old Jackson] gave this to me today for ‘Father’s Day’.”

Jackson wrote his older brother a card that read: “Dear Ethan, you are the person that I look up to.

“You have been my influence to make me a good person.

“Love Jackson. P.s. I love you.”

Ethan told BuzzFeed News it was hard not to cry when his brother handed him to card, adding: “It put a huge smile on my face.”

The card had more than 11,000 likes in less than a week and it’s not only us who appears to be crying at Jackson’s words.


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