Little Boy Who Receives Adoption Certificate As His Xmas Present Is One Of The Sweetest Things Of 2016

Not. One. Dry. Eye.

Stemming some of the relentless awfulness of 2016 is no mean feat but 11-year-old Landon Rice has managed it.

In the short video below, we see the moment that Landon is given his adoption certificate as one of his Christmas presents. His biological mother Janelle uploaded it to Facebook.

Speaking to Mashable, Janelle said that Landon had always wanted to be adopted by her husband Daniel, and wanted his surname - Rice. Landon was just five months old when Janelle met Daniel, and the family have said that the certificate is just a legality.

This is the moment Landon realises what’s beneath the wrapping paper.

Aw man, we need a moment.

(H/T: Mashable)