Little Mix Own Their Supposed Flaws In Nude Photo-Shoot

The band reclaimed slurs and insults by writing them on their bodies.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been called?

As four women in the public eye, Little Mix have had their fair share of insults thrown at them over the years, and have decided to make a statement about their supposed “flaws” and all the names they’ve been called.

On Wednesday night, they posted a picture to their Instagram showing the band members nude and with natural makeup, with slurs and insults they’d been called inked on their skin.

Some of the words penned on Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy’s bodies include “fat”, “ugly”, “can’t sing”, “talentless”, “slutty”, “stretch marks”, “weak” and “gobby”.

They captioned the photo: “Take off all my makeup cos I love what’s under it/ Rub off all your words don’t give a fuck I’m over it / Jiggle all this weight, yeah you know I love all of this / Finally love me naked / Sexiest when I’m confident.”

The lyrics are from their new track ‘Strip’, which will feature on their new album ‘LM5’, set to be released on Friday.

In a teaser music video clip for the single, the band members are also shown surrounded by women of different ages, ethnicities and body types, including their mothers.

“Strip is a really special song from LM5, it’s all about standing proud and we wrote it to encourage and empower people to be who they are,” the band wrote.

The group also tweeted their statement out from its official account, getting a substantial positive response from fans.

One Perrie stan said: “Everyday I aspire to be a better human being and I do it because of you”.

Another praised the band’s message, saying “Honestly you’re a big part of the little confidence I have”.

Activists, bloggers, influencers, and friends of the band feature in the video – including popular feminists like Dina Torkia, Hannah Witton and Nimco Ali.

Of the single, Jesy said: “Strip is a turning point. We’re talking about stuff we’ve wanted to speak about for ages.”

“We’ve all suffered from body confidence and negative comments, and up until now we didn’t really have a song we felt addressed everything we needed to.”

Perrie added: “We just want women to feel equal and incredible.”

‘LM5’, which features ‘Strip’, will be released on Friday November 16.

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