Little Mix's 'Strip' Encourages Fans To Share Their Own Body Confidence Photos

"They’ve taught me to be carefree."

Thousands of girls and women are sharing how Little Mix have helped their body confidence after the band released a teaser for their new single ‘Strip’.

The song is a body confidence anthem calling on women to “strip” back their makeup and insecurities, because you’re “sexiest when [you’re] confident”. The video features a whole host of body image campaigners and the band have posed for a nude photoshoot to promote the single, with insults such as “fat” and “ugly” written on their skin.

Shelby Pearson, 20 from Wales, is among the fans who’ve shared a #StripWithLittleMix post to support the band. She told HuffPost UK that Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne have helped her body confidence because they are “just four completely normal girls”.

“Regardless of their fame, they’re so easy to relate to,” she said. “They’ve taught me to be carefree and happy and no matter what you’re going through, it’ll get better.”

Another fan, Kiera Wall, 17, from Gloucester, shared a photo of herself with and without makeup, saying Little Mix’s songs have helped her to feel “okay” about her acne.

The band replied to her post on Twitter, saying: “You don’t understand how amazing this is that you are brave enough to share this ❤️ you look absolutely beautiful in EVERY photo. Thank you for sharing and helping others 🌟 love you.”

Thousands of other fans have also used the hashtag. Here are just a few of the empowering posts: