Liz Truss Had Her Most Cringeworthy Interview Yet On None Other Than GB News

There was definitely no shortage of awkward pauses.
Liz Truss speaking at the CPAC conference in the US.
Liz Truss speaking at the CPAC conference in the US.
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Liz Truss’s recent interview with GB News America may be her most uncomfortable one to date, judging from a clip circulating online.

The former prime minister is securing headline after headline as she promotes her new book, Ten Years To Save The West – but, unfortunately for the current backbencher, most of the news around her is focusing on her gaffes.

And, it seems her latest sit-down with GB News is no exception, despite her previous efforts to champion the right-leaning channel.

Journalist Steven Edington asked: “Why do you think Dominic Cummings called you a human hand grenade?”

Cummings, once the top aide to Boris Johnson, claimed in 2022 that the ex-PM supported Truss in her Tory leadership bid because he supposedly hoped “she’ll blow and he can make a comeback”.

Despite that insult being almost two years old, Truss paused for a long moment before saying: “Well, I – I say in the book that I am somebody who is prepared to take on the establishment.”

“Was he the establishment?” Edington asked, even though Cummings has a reputation for being anti-establishment.

“You’ll have to ask him,” Truss replied.

In another awkward exchange, Edington asked her: “Why did you describe yourself as an LGBT ally at the Tory conference in 2021?”

When he bizarrely dubbed this terminology as “activist’s language”, Truss – who was the equalities minister for three years – laughed and said she “probably shouldn’t have done” done that.

Edington also asked: “Other than Churchill and Thatcher I wonder who are your favourite Tory leaders?”

She paused for a while, and eventually said: “Well, I like Javier Milei.”

That’s the president of Argentina who was elected back in December, known for his polarising economic views.

Thousands are currently protesting in his country over his education cuts.

Edington also questioned Truss about how her views have become increasingly right-wing over the years.

He called out her past attempts to promote someone he called the UK’s “wokest civil servant” considering she has repeatedly lashed out at “wokeness” in recent years.

Watch a round-up of the best moments here:


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