Liz Truss Ignores 9 Questions From BBC Journalist During Excruciating Walk Of Shame

The former prime minister wore a fixed grin and stared straight ahead during the awkward encounter.

Liz Truss completely blanked a BBC journalist as she was grilled over her recent controversial comments.

The former prime minister ignore nine questions from the reporter as she walked down the street flanked by an aide.

Truss has come in for severe criticism about her appearance in Washington last week at the right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference.

During an interview with controversial former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon, Truss claimed that the Financial Times was “friends of the deep state”, which she blames for her downfall as PM.

She also failed to challenge Bannon when he described far-right agitator Tommy Robinson as a “hero”.

The BBC reporter began firing questions at Truss as she emerged from a building near Westminster.

She said: “Ms Truss, Tommy Robinson was described as a hero in front of you, why didn’t you speak up?

“Ms Truss, do you think Tommy Robinson is a hero?”

As Truss wore a fixed grin and kept walking, the journalist continued: “Ms Truss, is describing the civil service and journalists as the deep state really responsible? Ms Truss do you think they’re responsible for your downfall, the civil service and journalists? Is the Financial Times the deep state, Ms Truss?”

With no answers forthcoming, the reporter then began asking Truss about the controversy surrounding Lee Anderson, the former Tory deputy chairman who was stripped of the party whip over comments he made about Sadiq Khan.

She asked: “Ms Truss, can I ask you about Lee Anderson - do you think he should be replaced back into the Conservative Party? Do you think his comments were correct? Were they Islamophobic comments, Ms Truss?

“Ms Truss, nothing to say about Tommy Robinson, and nothing to say about Lee Anderson?”

The former prime minister then got into the back of a waiting chauffeur-driven car.


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