Golden Globes 2017: Lola Kirke Gives Zero F**ks About What You Think Of Her Armpit Hair


Lola Kirke’s armpits are the talk of Tinsletown, after the actress proudly showed off her unshaven underarms at the Golden Globes.

Kirke, who wore a strapless gown to the event, gave zero fucks about society’s female beauty standards as she graced Sunday’s red carpet.

The actress was praised for inspiring body confidence in what is still (oddly) considered by many to be a bold move.

We think she looks awesome.

David Crotty via Getty Images

Kirke, who has shown off her armpits on social media before, took to Instagram to thank those who were supportive of her decision, revealing that she often receives negative messages.

“Thanks to all you beautiful people who didn’t send me death threats on account of my #awesome #hairyarmpits! You rule,” she wrote.

The body confidence queen also posted a short video of herself dancing in her underwear as she got ready for the event.

Red carpet ready!

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Kirke also wore a badge that read “Fuck Paul Ryan” in protest of the proposed withdrawal of funding for Planned Parenthood, a US organisation that provides reproductive health care.

The badge was in reference to Paul Ryan, of the Republican Party and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

What a woman 🙌