23/03/2017 10:17 GMT | Updated 23/03/2017 12:23 GMT

London Attack: Outrage Over ‘Man Using Selfie Stick’ As Westminster Terror Unfolded

'You completely and utterly disgust me.'

There is growing outrage on social media after a man was filmed using a selfie stick in Westminster, as a fatal terror attack unfolded around him.

The man was seen on Sky News footage standing with his back to the Houses of Parliament, apparently recording the horror, as a convoy of ambulances gathered at the scene.

On Wednesday afternoon an attacker killed three members of the public, stabbed a police officer to death and injured dozens more.

Armed with two large knives, he mowed down pedestrians in a 4x4 on Westminster Bridge, including schoolchildren, then rushed at the gates in front of the Houses of Parliament, stabbing PC Keith Palmer, before being shot dead by other officers.

Amid the carnage, an image of a bystander using a selfie stick - a device intended to allow the person holding it to take a photograph of themselves from a wider angle than if they had their camera or smartphone in their hand - was shared on Twitter, with some users expressing disgust.

Stuart wrote: “Sir, you with the selfie stick, you need that shoving up your arse,” which was retweeted close to 900 times.

“The guy with the selfie stick… you completely and utterly disgust me,” wrote Aleksandar Todorov.

Amid the complaints, some twitter users pointed out the man may have been a journalist gathering coverage for the news.

Nikki pointed out: “He looks like a reporter? You’re the one watching it all happen on TV? How do you think you’re watching it? From…”

Scotland Yard said eight people have now been arrested as part of the investigation into the Westminster terror attack.

In the past, individuals have been heavily criticised for using selfie sticks at the scenes of atrocities and historical tragedies. In 2015 Labour general election candidate Amran Hussain was condemned after he was pictured taking a picture of himself at the scene of a beach massacre in Tunisia, where 38 people were killed.

Others have faced similar backlashes for posting smiling selfies at Auschwitz concentration camp, at funerals, and in front of homeless people.