selfie stick

Milan has had enough, and if we’re being honest, we can completely understand why. Starting this Summer, the city’s town
“The guy with the selfie stick… you completely and utterly disgust me,” wrote Aleksandar Todorov. Amid the complaints, some
Like it or not, selfie sticks are here to stay - they're an incredible way to avoid the awkwardness of asking random people
I remember a time when we all thought selfies were just a bit naff. So ingrained have they become in everyday parlance and culture that it's hard to believe they've only really been this popular for roughly three years.
So there I was, sat at my laptop, (scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter rather than working) when 20 hashtags, three selfies and a handful of emoji's later and I'd decided I'd had enough. I found myself wanting to go back to the 'good old days'. I know - I'm only 23! There shouldn't be any 'GOOD OLD DAYS' yet!
Has someone given you a selfie stick you didn't want and it's just lying around gathering dust? Have no fear! This video
Seen as I have developed an app from scratch, you might be forgiven for thinking when it comes to mobile technology and the latest gadgets I have it all covered but you would usually be wrong. I am usually so buried in the mechanics of my business that I don't look up for air and suddenly I am out of date AGAIN.
A Labour general election candidate is under fire after he was pictured using a selfie stick at the scene of the beach massacre