31/10/2016 11:42 GMT | Updated 31/10/2016 11:54 GMT

London Fog Pictures: Severe Weather Warning Issued

Much of the city's most famous monuments were shrouded from view

Londoners awoke beneath a dense cloak of fog on Monday morning, prompting the Met Office to issue a severe weather warning.

Befitting Halloween, much of the city’s most famous monuments were shrouded from view, with many social media users remarking upon the capital’s ethereal appearance.

John Walton/PA Wire
Big Ben peeking through thick fog 

A Met Office spokesman said: “Dense fog patches will affect parts of eastern, central and southern England this morning.

“Be aware of the potential for difficult driving conditions with slower journey times.”

By mid morning fog patches were clearing, with promises of a fine and mild day to come. 

John Walton/PA Wire
The London Eye