London Underground Staff's Touching Poem For Rachael Bland: 'In Every Cancer Battle It's Always Love That Wins'

The BBC Radio 5 Live presenter revealed she has just days to live earlier this week.

Update: Rachael Bland passed away on Wednesday 5 September, surrounded by her family.

London Underground staff have penned a touching poem for BBC presenter Rachael Bland, after she shared a farewell tweet saying she had days to live.

The mystery duo behind Twitter account @allontheboard (they work on the London Underground network, however their identity is unknown) left a poem for Rachael on the notice board at North Greenwich station.

The touching tribute acknowledged how the 40-year-old has navigated her cancer journey with “style, humour and grace”, and in doing so, helped many others.

Rachael was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016. She underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, before having surgery at the start of 2018. However in April she was informed the disease was incurable as it had spread to other parts of the body.

Rachael started taking trial drugs for immunotherapy treatment, which works by using the immune system to destroy cancer cells, however it didn’t help and earlier this week she was given the bleak prognosis that she had days to live.

The poem, written for the presenter, said: “Even in death there is laughter to be found. You have battled cancer so bravely and with dignity; a brilliant mum, wife and broadcaster helping others to cope, showing amazing courage in the face of adversity.”

It continued: “Nothing in life is certain, only we all face a final curtain, we are inspired by you and as your next adventure begins; please know you have changed the nation’s conversation with your story and inspiration, in every cancer battle it’s always love that wins.”

At the end they acknowledge Rachael’s podcast ‘You, Me & The Big C’, which she hosted alongside Deborah James and Lauren Mahon, saying it deserves to be at number one in the charts. Following her prognosis, Rachael revealed on Instagram that Deborah and Lauren will continue to run the podcast together.

“Your legacy will live on and inspire so many others,” @allontheboard wrote. “And you will live on in memories and so many hearts.”

The tribute concluded: “Thank you for being you Rachael. Love and thoughts to you, your husband, your son, your family, your friends, your colleagues and all of your fans.”