25/01/2017 23:17 GMT | Updated 25/01/2017 23:21 GMT

NTAs 2017: Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha Admits She Considered Wearing ‘The Blouse’ To Ceremony

Now this would have been serious dedication to the ensemble.

Nadia Sawalha and her now infamous blouse have been hitting headlines this week, and the ‘Loose Women’ panelist has now admitted that she did consider wearing it to Wednesday’s (25 January) National Television Awards.

The star was looking glamourous in a black gown, but speaking to the Huffington Post UK, she admitted that the alternative had been considered.

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The 'Loose Women' cast made a stylish arrival 

When we asked Nadia if the thought crossed the team’s minds, she replied: “Well, we did… But our viewers got really cross.”

We’re not sure whether they were cross, but a number of ‘Loose Women’ viewers did take to Twitter this month, when they realised Nadia had sported the same top in each of January’s shows.

The ladies aren’t about to let it get them down though and Kaye Adams joked: “I can tell you she’s been wearing the same pair of knickers for the last six weeks.”

And make of this what you will, but Nadia then admitted to something decidedly more questionable than repeating an ensemble.

“The funny thing is, Kaye and I only change our sheets - we don’t live together, or sleep in the same bed, but we are best friends - we only change our sheets once a term.” she said, adding: “We really do. Once every two months.

“We have been laughing our heads off over this shirt thing. Everyone’s going ‘I hope you’ve been washing that shirt’ and I’m just laughing.”

'The blouse' 

She continued: “I don’t give a flying banana about what I wear, I really don’t. So in a way, wearing the shirt has been really nice, I’ve really enjoyed the whole month of not having to worry about sucking my stomach in.

“It’s funny because the producers said to me the other day, ‘oh, you’re really rocking it this month’, and I went, ‘Well it’s because I haven’t had to hold my stomach in once since January 2nd’.”

So is Nadia worried her winning streak will end when the blouse is gone?

“I am!” she said. “I’ve said to the stylist, ‘please can you make me shirts where I don’t have to hold my stomach in’.

Speaking on Wednesday’s show, Nadia revealed why she’s been repeatedly wearing the same shirt, explaining that the experiment was actually inspired by Judge Rinder.

“He was saying to us he was worn the same outfit for every interview he has done since ‘Strictly’,” she told her fellow panelists. “So we said we couldn’t get away with it because we are always scrutinised about what we wear.”

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