08/03/2017 10:41 GMT

Lord Heseltine Called Out After Claiming Theresa May Has A 'Man-Sized Job' To Do As Prime Minister

Not a good look on International Women's Day

It might be International Women’s Day, but that didn’t stop Lord Heseltine making an unfortunate gaffe on Sky News this morning.

The Tory peer, who was sacked as a Government advisor last night for voting against his party on a Brexit bill, claimed Theresa May has a “man-sized job to do” as Prime Minister.

Sky News presenter Sarah-Jane Mee hit back at the former Deputy Prime Minister, reminding him that it’s a “woman-sized job now”.

A smiling Lord Heseltine recognised he had picked the wrong choice of words, and replied: “I realised as I said it – I know you wouldn’t be able to resist that.”

“Well it is International Women’s Day, Lord Heseltine,” Mee said.

“You’re perfectly right. I find myself chastised by you,” Heseltine replied.

While Mee earned praise from some on Twitter for her handling of the gaffe, others felt Heseltine should not be chastised too greatly for his choice of words.

Heseltine also revealed today that despite working as an advisor to the Government for three or four days a week, he has never met May.

After disclosing he had been told he was sacked by the Lords Chief Whip, Heseltine told the BBC: “I heard nothing from No. 10. I have had no relationship with No.10 since the new Prime Minister.

“I’ve never met Theresa May.”