Michael Heseltine

Ex-deputy prime minister is fiercely opposed to Brexit.
The five things you need to know about politics today
Former Tory deputy prime minister says targeting "foreigners and the elite" has a "chilling appeal".
"Those of a certain age who voted 70:30 to leave is rapidly being replaced by a younger generation who voted 70:30 to stay."
'There are no solutions that help the fortunes of the least privileged,' says Tory peer.
Guto Harri says 'sexually incontinent' Boris dug his 'political grave' with suicide vest jibe
It's estimated businesses have lost almost £38 million because of Northern Rail disruption.
Former Tory deputy prime minister warns Theresa May voters are turning against Brexit.
Whatever the Tories do, things seem likely to fall apart. This is the inevitable consequence of building a house on rotten foundations. No amount of blue gloss will prevent inevitable collapse. The selfish individualism they preach cannot hold the party together, let alone society.