Homeless Woman Becomes Top Model After Being Scouted On The Street

A feature film is being made about her life.

A top model, who went from homelessness to a career in the fashion industry, is sharing her incredible success story in a feature film.

Lorna Tucker, from Hertfordshire, became homeless aged just 15 after a breakdown in her family. Within a few months she was addicted to heroin.

At 17-years-old, during her “lowest moment”, Tucker was scouted by a modelling agency while begging for drug money at London’s Charing Cross station.

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A year later, after turning her life around with the help of friends, family and professionals, Tucker decided to pursue a career as a model.

Within weeks of her decision, she was being photographed in Paris and Milan, including working with top photographers Rankin and Steven Klein and starring in a Levi’s denim campaign.

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Now in her thirties and a mother-of-three, Tucker lives in Lewes, West Sussex, where she works as a documentary writer, producer and director.

Her most recent films includes ‘AMA’ - a documentary about the sterilisation abuses of Native women across the United States, co-produced by Ged Doherty and Colin Firth - and Westwood, a documentary about the life of Vivienne Westwood.

According to Tucker’s Instagram, a feature film script about her experiences has now been picked up.

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Tucker also dedicates her time to supporting the Centrepoint’s Young and Homeless Helpline appeal.

“Anyone can turn their lives around,” Tucker told The Independent. “I don’t believe that whole thing that a leopard never changes its spots, because you’re looking at someone who has.”

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