20 Hilarious Reactions That Sum Up Chaos Of Love Is Blind Season 5

There's been highs, lows, and some truly baffling moments.

If there’s one thing Love Is Blind never fails to deliver, it’s drama.

The concept of the popular Netflix reality series lends itself to chaos, as singletons go on a string of blind dates and can only meet the other person after they’ve proposed to them or been proposed to.

Since it launched in 2020, there have been countless love triangles, proposals, and shock twists, as the social experiment pushes individuals beyond conventional dating trends to look outside of their aesthetic type.

UK singletons will also have their chance to enter the popular dating show, as it has been confirmed that the series is hopping across the pond to start its very own UK version.

Until then, fans have two more episodes to sink their teeth into with the season finale – which lands on the streaming platform on Friday 13 October – and the reunion special following on Sunday.

For now, though, it’s time to revisit the X (aka Twitter) memes and hot takes that have helped fans process the highs, lows, and truly baffling moments of this season. Here are some of our favourites…

It’s safe to say some viewers thought Taylor could do better than JP

Fans were happy to see the hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey make an appearance

There was one distracting factor for some viewers… Stacey’s makeup

Apparently, it’s not me, it’s not you, it’s JP’s personality

Miriam won much praise after she served Uche with some truths

The satirical takes of the makeup chats have arrived, and they’re better than ever

Sadly, this season didn’t please everyone…

In true Gogglebox style, some of us prefer watching other people’s reactions more than the show itself

With arguments left right and centre already, some fans are already struggling to keep up…

But, don’t worry, here’s a season recap for those of us who have watched it all and are still baffled

We’ve had to create a whole new language for Milton’s lectures

Remember that time Izzy wanted a private moment…

When the group got together, let’s just say tensions were high

There may be trouble in paradise, but Milton couldn’t miss out on his three-meals

Izzy was giving viewers the ick with this one habit

A round of applause for the editing team for gifting us with this gem

It turns out everyone, including the waiters, are here for the Love Is Blind tea

Some of Milton’s preachings really do speak to us

Is Lydia the Ekin-Su of the series?

Izzy shares the bizarre way he was turned on by Stacy

Love Is Blind season five is streaming on Netflix now.


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