09/06/2017 16:43 BST

'Love Island': Dom And Jessica Share Their First Kiss, But Will They Take Their Relationship Further?

'That is arguably the most satisfactory kiss I’ve had in my life.'

Love Island’s Dom Lever gets the moment he’s been waiting days for when he shares a kiss with Jessica Shears during Friday’s (9 June) show. 

The pair finally share their first proper smooch in the latest instalment of the ITV2 reality series, after Jessica had previously kept his advances at bay. 

However, she is quick to quash his hopes of things progressing any further that a kiss, insisting she will never have sex in the villa. 

Dom and Jessica finally share their first kiss on 'Love Island'

In scenes to air tonight, Dom confronts Jessica about the lack of affection between them, asking if he scares her. 

She admits she hasn’t kissed him yet as she “could properly really like” him. 

“It’s frustrating,” he tells her. “I get why you’re trying to make me work for it, but it’s a kiss.”

With that, Jessica leans in for a passionate snog, before telling him: “Are you happy now, can you stop complaining for half an hour!”

Dom later says in the Beach Hut: “That is arguably the most satisfactory kiss I’ve had in my life. I’ve never had to work so hard for a kiss.

“I feel like a little kid on a school trip, and you know when you’re with all your mates and it comes to bedtime and you’re dead giddy and then you kiss under the covers. It’s such childish stuff but it’s so good. It’s nice to feel like a kid again.”

With a renewed sense of confidence, the next morning Dom raises the subject of taking his and Jessica’s relationship to the next level.

“Phase one, get the kiss. Phase two, get naked. Phase three, hideaway,” he joked. 

But she quickly retorted: “Oh my god. You’re not getting me naked ever. My knickers will remain firmly on, until I leave this villa. True story. What you got last night is as good as you’re getting.”

Dom is keen to take things to the next level

Dom wasn’t taking her words at face value, though, saying in the Beach Hut: “Before me and Jess had a kiss, I would say that it would be easy to last in here without having sex. But now we’ve had the kiss and we’ve got a bit frisky, no chance. I just think there’s such sexual chemistry there, it would be hard.”

Prior to entering the villa, Jessica was insistent she would not be getting frisky on TV, telling HuffPost UK: “I know everyone says it, but I’m absolutely not. If a guy likes me, he will be waiting until after to engage in anything of any kind. I’m going to make my mum proud on that one.”

Dom was less bothered about the cameras catching him in action, saying: “It’s not something I’m intentionally going in there to do, but if it happens naturally, it happens. I wouldn’t rule it out. It’s not something I’m scared of doing.” 

‘Love Island’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. 

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