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'Love Island': We Met All Of The New Contestants And Here's Who We Think Should Couple Up

Just call us Cilla.

It will be a case of ‘Kem, Chris and Olivia who?’ as a new bunch of contestants descend on ‘Love Island’ on Monday for eight weeks of fun and flirting. 

We already knows their identities as they were revealed last week, but HuffPost UK were among the select few who travelled to the Island and met them all before things kick off. 

And after we got up close and personal with them for a good grilling, we couldn’t help but start to play matchmaker. 

While only time will tell who will couple up with who, this is who we reckon could be each other’s type on paper... 

Dani and Jack


Anyone who watched her (brief) ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ stint will know what a laugh a minute Danny Dyer’s daughter, Dani, was - let’s just say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. 

She’s got the banter and will be in her element when she has someone bounce off, but she’s new to the dating scene and strikes us as someone who will also need a bit of looking after. 

Someone who we reckon would be able to fit the bill on both counts is fellow Essex local Jack.

While he admits he is concerned his lack of abs means girls won’t step forward for him (“I’m not the most ripped person in the world, I imagine the some people in there are carved out of a statue”), Dani isn’t worried about dating a someone with a gym-honed bod. 

“I’m not really into massive muscles,” she says. “I think if every girl liked the same type of boy, it’d be murder, wouldn’t it. So I don’t really go for big-built boys.”

Samira and Eyal


As a West End performer, Samira is very outgoing and describes herself as “full of energy, permanently”.

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘Samira calm down,’ she says.

As a model, former popstar and stage school graduate, someone else who knows a thing or two about being the centre of attention is Eyal. 

He may come across posh and mild-mannered, but he claims he loves fun and excitement, and with Samira, he would have plenty of that. 

“I just want someone who’s captivating and finds me captivating and someone that obviously initially I’m sexually and physically attracted to,” he says. “And just somebody that wants me to be me.

“Someone that I get along with and we can just have fun and laugh and muck around and just be young and free people.”

Similarly, she says: “I want to meet someone who can be my best friend too. Friendship’s really important to me, you have to be my friend first and then if obviously I fancy you and you fancy me then let’s go.”

Hayley and Wes


Both being the youngest on this year’s line-up, this is a natural partnership - but that isn’t the only reason why we’re putting these two together. 

Wes is properly into his fitness and one of his only requirements in a potential partner is someone who squats. 

And what was Hayley doing lots of prior to entering the villa? Yup, you guessed it. 

“I’ve been doing loads of squats in my room,” she laughed. 

Hayley’s also pretty darn close to Wes’s dream celebrity crush. 

“No one compares to Margot Robbie,” he says. “The role in ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ – I was going absolutely ape in the cinema, drooling.”

Just as long as he doesn’t start doing that in front of Hayley, we think they will get on like a house on fire.  

Kendall and Alex


Having recently split from her fiancé and moving out of the house they shared, Kendall has already said she is at a different stage in her life, despite only being 26. 

″ I am at an age now, I’m not 20, going in and wanting to party with the girls,” she says. “I was meant to be trying for kids so I do really want to settle down, and I feel like I have got to start all of that again, so I want to find someone and for it not to take another five years.”

While she admits she had the hots for Muggy Mike on last year’s series, if she wants someone who is reliable and who is ready to settle down, it is A&E doctor, Alex. 

Not only is he the oldest out of all the lads at 27, but he’s also just come out of a long-term relationship like Kendall and they both definitely seem the most mature out of all the contestants. 

Laura and Adam


Let us just start by saying, they both look even more gorgeous in real life than what they do in these pictures, and they would certainly be the villa’s hottest couple if they did crack on with one another.  

At 22, Adam may be seven years younger than Laura, but he looks and acts a lot older than his years, plus he is by far the most charming of this year’s lads - something which we think will tick boxes for Laura. 

She is also a lover of tattoos, having them all up the top of her leg and rib cage, so Adam’s inkings could also add that extra level of appeal. 

Niall - uncoupled


As much as we already love Niall (he was in fact a runaway favourite out of the lads), we don’t think any of the girls are just quite right for him. 

He’s full of banter and is very high energy, so some may say he’d be matched with Dani, but they’re so similiar, they’d probably butt heads.  

The likes of Kendall and Laura would probably dismiss him for being a bit immature, while we can’t imagine Hayley putting up with any of his chat either. 

Even Niall himself is expecting people may not get him. 

“At the moment, I’m thinking I’m going in and getting pied off and that’s as far as it goes,” he says. 

“I won’t be the best looking in there but I can do the chat. They might not take to the chat - I’m a bit like Marmite and they might be like, ‘WTF is he doing?’.”

However, with a twist obviously looming, Niall’s perfect girl could be waiting just around the corner...

Find out how correct our predictions were when ‘Love Island’ begins on Monday at 9pm on ITV2. 

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