30/07/2018 11:45 BST

Love Island's Alex George Attempts To Explain His Treatment Of Alexandra Cane

He's previously faced a grilling from her mum.

Love Island’s Dr Alex George was left with some explaining to do after leaving the villa on Sunday night, over his treatment of Alexandra Cane

The A&E doctor attempted to explain his behaviour after dumping her last week, despite previously recoupling with her.

While appearing on spin-off show ‘Aftersun’ following his and Alexandra’s exit, Alex recounted why he had initially cooled their relationship to explore something with Laura Crane, only to pick Alexandra back up again when Laura eventually coupled up with Jack Fowler. 

Alex and Alexandra were dumped from the villa on Sunday

“When there’s a lot of pressure and things move too quickly, I panic and run away,” he told host Caroline Flack

“My mechanism of doing that is saying there are too many girls and I’ll get together with them. Really I just felt so much pressure.

“I really felt at the recoupling that I had made a mistake and I should give things a second chance.”

Despite being dumped, undumped and then dumped again, Alexandra was forgiving of Alex’s treatment, saying: “I am quite a forgiving person and had I left the villa straight away and not believed in it, I would have regretted it because everyone deserves a second chance to try again.

“I gave him that chance and things didn’t work out.”

Alex dumped Alexandra last week

Prior to leaving the villa, Alex faced a grilling from Alexandra’s mum over his treatment of her daughter during the ‘meet the parents’ episode. 

She told him: “When you recoupled and you seemed to expect her to be grateful, and you I think made some comment ‘what’s the matter with her, why she’s so grumpy?’”

“What did you expect a girl to feel like after she’d been rejected and then you dained to bring her back to her side?”

Luckily, Jack Fincham fared much better as he was introduced to Dani Dyer’s famous father (albeit over Skype). 

‘EastEnders’ actor Danny praised his daughter’s boyfriend, telling him: “You know what, Jack? You’re a proper geezer, gotta say mate. I tell ya what I love about ya. I love the fact you got a little derby [stomach], you’ve got so much charisma.

“Listen, It takes a brave man to bowl in that gaff, they’re all ab’ed up and they ain’t got nothing about em. No disrespect, yeah. Proper geezer.”

The ‘Love Island’ final airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2. 

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