'Love Island' Winner Amber Davies Defends Show's Sexual Content (EXCLUSIVE)

'Why do they care so much about my sex life?'

‘Love Island’ winner Amber Davies has spoken out in defence of the show’s sexual content, insisting it’s no one’s business if she chooses to have sex on TV.

The success of ‘Love Island’, given its many racy scenes, has prompted some to speculate whether reality TV has taken a turn, but when HuffPost UK caught up with Amber on the red carpet at the TV Choice Awards, it wasn’t something that seemed to be troubling her.

<strong>Amber Davies at the TV Choice Awards</strong>
Amber Davies at the TV Choice Awards
Mike Marsland via Getty Images

When we asked what she’d say to someone who claimed the show’s sexual scenes were too much, she told us: “I would love to ask why they are so interested in my sex life.

“If anyone says anything, I just say, ‘a lady never tells’. That’s your opinion, and if think sex is OK on telly, or if you don’t, it happened, as long as my family still support me, then that’s fine. And they do.”

She also told us that, far from putting a strain on their relationship, her “overnight” fame has actually brought her “closer” to Kem.

<strong>Kem and Amber at the launch of his BoohooMAN collection last month</strong>
Kem and Amber at the launch of his BoohooMAN collection last month
Mark Milan via Getty Images

“Me and Kem support each other,” she explained, “Only he and I know what the other is going through, so it’s actually brought us so close, it’s crazy.

“But we do love [their newfound fame], we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love it.”

It was previously suggested that producers on the most recent series of ‘Love Island’ had deliberately cut certain sexual moments from the final edit, in a bid to stop things becoming too x-rated.

A spokesperson told HuffPost UK at the time: “The show isn’t about sex, it’s about following the couples’ journeys. We only show moments of intimacy when we feel it is important to a couple’s story.”

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