26/07/2018 09:10 BST | Updated 26/07/2018 09:11 BST

Love Island's Baby Episode Serves Up Three Undoubted Moments Of The Series

Alex and Josh aren't about to win Father Of The Year any time soon.

Love Island’s baby episode is traditionally one of the most loved of any series, and things were no different as this year’s aired.

The task, which sees the couples become parents to interactive plastic dolls, served up three classic moments on Wednesday night.

While many thought producers would fail to top last year’s episode, which saw Chris Hughes form an unlikely bond with his and Olivia Attwood’s ‘son’ Cash, Dr Alex George and Josh Denzel somehow managed to upstage him. 

First off, there was Alex’s detailed (and we mean detailed) description of how to perform a C-section, which left the rest of the boys - and indeed viewers at home - recoiling in horror. 

But despite being familiar with birthing procedures, it seemed Dr Alex was less of a natural when it came to being an actual parent. 

In fact, if his doll had been a real baby, he probably would have been up on some sort of charges, after a push-chair race went horribly wrong...

A push-chair race went horribly wrong for Alex

Yes, that is the baby you can see on the floor having fallen out of its pram.

But Alex was not the only one who won’t be winning Father Of The Year any time soon, as Josh also ended up seriously injuring his baby by accidentally pulling its arm off.

Josh ended up seriously injuring his baby

Needless to say that neither of the boys managed to pass the challenge, while Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson also failed to make the cut as parents. 

Laura Crane and Jack Fowler came out on top, winning the challenge behind Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham and Laura Anderson and Paul Knops. 

However, it was not enough to save them from being dumped from the Island, as later in the episode, it was revealed Laura and Jack had polled the lowest in the viewer vote and were therefore made to leave. 

‘Love Island’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. 

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