Love Island: 11 Times Casa Amor Delivered All The Drama

As the Island braces itself for the reintroduction of the second villa, we relive Casa Amor's most memorable moments.
Some of Casa Amor's most dramatic moments
Some of Casa Amor's most dramatic moments

Casa Amor has served up some of the most memorable – and indeed controversial – moments in Love Island history.

The twist, first introduced during the third series in 2017, sees the show make use of a second villa as producers put the existing couples to the ultimate test by introducing a whole new bunch of Islanders.

With the original boys and girls split up across the two villas, six new boys and six new girls attempt to turn some heads – often with explosive consequences.

As the current series braces itself for the return of Casa Amor, we’re looking back over all the times it stirred up drama...

A special delivery (series 3)

With the first-ever Casa Amor, the show was in completely unchartered waters, with the girls not knowing exactly what to expect when the lads were packed off to the second villa.

However, main villa was let in on some of the boys’ secrets with the delivery of a postcard that showed Kem Cetinay kissing new girl Chyna Ellis behind Amber Davies’ back.

While Kem and Amber had been going steady since the start of the series, the postcard’s arrival then gave her the green light to crack on with new boy Nathan Joesph.

Kem realises his mistake (series 3)

When push came to shove, Amber ultimately chose to remain loyal to Kem in the post-Casa Amor recoupling – but the same could not be said for Kem.

He walked back in with Chyna, leaving Amber’s place in the villa hanging in the balance.

But within moments, Kem realised what a mistake he’d made, and the pair put all their cards on the table in an emotional heart-to-heart, in which he confessed to having fallen in love with Amber.

Marcel (unwittingly) does the dirty (series 3)

Having been separated from Gabby Allen, Marcel Somerville seemingly forgot all about his relationship when he took part in a game that involved locking lips with newcomer Shannen Reilly McGrath.

However, he quickly realised his mistake and the look on his face was totally priceless.

Dani’s distress (series 4)

In 2018, producers tried to replicate the postcard when Dani Dyer was sent a video message of Jack Fincham reacting to the arrival of his ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones in Casa Amor.

Dani was left distraught at the thought Jack could reunite with his ex, and spent days in emotional turmoil wondering what was going on between them.

The stunt sparked over 2,500 complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom, with many complaining the producers had caused Dani unnecessary emotional distress given there was nothing going on between Jack and Ellie.

Ofcom later declared they wouldn’t be taking the matter any further, as they didn’t feel Love Island breached any of their guidelines, acknowledging that while Dani’s emotional reaction was difficult to watch, viewers should expect “emotionally charged scenes” and “scenes [which] have been engineered to test contestants’ relationships”.

Josh doesn’t stay “loyal, babes” (series 4)

Series four also saw Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley get close in Casa Amor while Georgia Steel was back in the main villa stating her belief that he would stay “loyal” to her.

Cut to Josh walking back into the villa with Kaz during the recoupling, leaving Georgia with a serious amount of egg on her face and Josh with a lot of explaining to do.

Michael pies Amber (series 5)

Similar scenes unfolded in 2019, when Michael Griffiths chose to recouple with Joanna Chimonides, despite being in a seemingly steady relationship with Amber Gill before Casa Amor had come into play.

After a single Amber walked back into the main villa to see her man with someone else, a full-scale row soon blew up, with Anna Vakili also jumping into defend her mate.

Oh, and the row also birthed the best Love Island meme of all-time, as Michael took a swipe at Amber...


“Jordan, who?” (series 5)

While Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames had worked hard to get to a good place before Casa Amor, her head was immediately turned by new boy Ovie Soko.

Anna even joked “Jordan, who?” as she discussed her attraction to the new Islander, and it wasn’t long before they shared their first kiss.

And while Jordan had initially tried to crack on with Jourdan Raine over in the main villa, he later decided his heart lied with Anna – only for her to pick Ovie in the recoupling.

And how grateful we all are that she did, as can you imagine having seen less of the marvellous Ovie? Positively unthinkable.

Curtis breaks Amy’s heart (series 5)

Amy Hart breathed a huge sigh of relief when she walked back into the main villa and found that her “half-boyfriend” Curtis Pritchard had not recoupled with anyone else – but little did she realise that wasn’t for the want of trying.

Curtis had been grafting Jourdan during Amy’s time away, and while Jourdan had quickly friend-zoned him, Curtis admitted it had made him realise he wasn’t as invested in his relationship with Amy as he’d previously thought.

The ballroom dancer soon confessed all to Amy, who was left broken-hearted as she revealed: “I was coming back here to tell you I love you.”

Curtis’ admission ultimately led to Amy’s decision to leave the villa, unable to watch him growing closer to Maura Higgins after they’d called off their romance for good.

“Congrats, hun” (series 6)

After Callum Jones returned to the villa with new girl Molly Smith, you could feel Shaughna Phillips’ heartbreak through the screen – but she wasn’t about to break down in front of them.

Instead, she uttered perhaps the most iconic line in Love Island history – “Congrats, hun.”

Lillie makes a huge impact (series 7)

No Love Island contestant has made such an impact in such a short space of time as Lillie Haynes.

After Lille and Liam Reardon got to know each other rather well in Casa Amor, she had expected him to recouple with her as the twist came to an end.

But after he decided to stay with original partner Millie Court, Lillie dropped a bomb on the main villa by revealing their relationship to all the other Islanders.

A Love Island legend.

Movie night (series 7)

While Faye Winter and Teddy Soares initially escaped Casa Amor unscathed, his stay in the second villa later prompted perhaps the show’s most explosive moment ever.

As part of a Movie Night, where Islanders were shown various bits of juicy footage of their time on the show, Faye saw red after watching Teddy tell bombshell Clarisse Juliettè he had found her attractive, despite the fact nothing ever happened between them.

Faye began yelling and swearing at Teddy in a prolonged tirade that temporarily ended their relationship.

It was later revealed this scene led around 25,000 viewers to complain to Ofcom, more than any other on-air incident in all seven seasons of Love Island.

Love Island airs Sunday at Friday at 9pm on ITV2.


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