02/06/2018 22:31 BST | Updated 03/06/2018 09:00 BST

'Love Island': Dr Alex George Defends Decision To Abandon NHS Role To Compete On Show

'I love my job and this doesn’t change that.'

‘Love Island’ hopeful Alex George has responded to those who will question his decision to abandon his role as an A&E doctor to appear on the reality series. 

The NHS worker is one of 11 new Islanders who will be entering the villa when the show returns on Monday, and he’s taken time out from his role saving lives in order to take part. 

Dr Alex George is one of this year's 'Love Island' contestants

Speaking to HuffPost UK and other reporters on the Island, Alex was quick to defend himself from any criticism. 

“I have trained for all these years and I love my job and this doesn’t change that,” he said. “I still plan to work in A&E and this is eight to 10 weeks doing something completely different. 

“I am 27 and you only live once - I’d be stupid to not take an opportunity that I might regret, so hopefully people may be supportive.”

Alex received the full backing of his bosses to enter the show and they joked about it “living vicariously” through him. 

He said: “I had to talk to my my bosses, and they were good to talk to. They are consultants and have been around for a long time and they said it was a good opportunity and were happy for me.

″[My boss] watches it, she was like, ‘I will live vicariously through you!’.”

Alex is looking for love in the villa

Although supportive, Alex admitted he had been warned not to “do anything stupid”, but has vowed not to disappoint them by having sex while in the villa. 

“I think I can be fully engaged and be affectionate as anyone else, but even for me, personally, that’s a step I won’t take,” he insisted. 

“I am Alex and I am not defined by my job as a doctor and I think I can go on ‘Love Island’ and have a good time and be fully involved and engaged in the process without jeopardising my career.”

The new 'Love Island' line-up

While Alex intends to return to his A&E department in a London hospital, the Welsh native also admitted he is interested in becoming a new TV doctor. 

“I’d like to look into specific issues,” he revealed. “I think there are interesting issues surrounding the cosmetic industry and aesthetics and how it’s growing, and people’s desire to look good and how far it can go, so I want to look into that.”

‘Love Island’ kicks off on Monday at 9pm on ITV2. 

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