Love Island's Hugo And Amy Had It Out On Aftersun And Awkward Isn't Even The Word

The pair got a grilling from Laura Whitmore and it was all kinds of uncomfortable.

Eliminated Love Island stars Hugo Hammond and Amy Day were reunited in the latest edition of spin-off show Aftersun, in scenes we found ourselves watching through our fingers.

Last week, the pair became the latest couple to be booted from the villa, with Hugo clearly catching Amy off guard when he said he felt he’d been “put out of his misery” after a “tragic” search for love on the show.

When he told producers he felt he’d see Amy outside the show as a friend, despite the two having spent time together in their last few days in the villa, she responded at the time: “Well that definitely answers it for me as well.”

In Sunday night’s episode of Aftersun, Amy attempted to clear the air with Hugo after his “out of the blue” comments, as the two sat down for one last excruciating date outside of the confines of the villa.

Beginning their conversation, Amy told Hugo: “I think we just need to clear up a few things, I feel like I had my time wasted a little bit, really. Sticking with you.

“I thought there was something there. Then we leave the villa, and it’s like you just flipped and friend-zoned me. You come across quite fake now.”

While Hugo disagreed, insisting he’d spoken about the nature of his feelings for her, Amy responded: “I wasn’t part of that conversation, clearly that was massively lost in communication. I never had a conversation with you where it was, ‘we’ll go this way or this way’.”

Hugo and Amy tried (and, let's be honest, failed) to clear the air on Aftersun
Hugo and Amy tried (and, let's be honest, failed) to clear the air on Aftersun

After Hugo scoffed, she branded him “so patronising, claiming: “It’s The Hugo Show. Honestly, that’s how it is. You came on here for a lads’ holiday.”

“I think that’s really unfair,” he responded. “I tried really bloody hard.”

The conversation ended with the two saying they “agreed to disagree”, but when they had a live chat on Aftersun, things took an even more uncomfortable turn.

Speaking via video-link, Hugo told Laura Whitmore that when he met Amy in Casa Amor “it was a case of a typical lads’ holiday [a comment that was met with boos from the studio audience].

“You get your romance, it was great at the start, I felt like I’d turned a corner and was so excited, but unfortunately in the main villa things just weren’t the same.”

Laura then brought Amy into the chat, who said she was happy “to be out and away from Hugo, really”.

Laura interviews Hugo and Amy about the dissolution of their pairing
Laura interviews Hugo and Amy about the dissolution of their pairing

Despite her apparent “instant connection” with Hugo, Amy went on to brand him “terrible with women”, stating: “I think to sum it up, Hugo says the he wants to stay true to himself, but can you not be true to everyone else at the same time?”

Hugo told her: “It makes me really sad that we’ve got to this point and you feel this way. I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff you’re saying but if that’s the way you feel, that’s the way you feel.”

Laura then questioned whether either of them had any regrets, which Hugo insisted that he didn’t.

Amy, on the other hand, said: “I regret sticking with Hugo, in a nutshell.”

Hugo then hit back: “Amy’s clearly got a strong opinion, but I think people are forgetting that Amy chose to stay in Tyler’s bed on night one [in Casa Amor] so she wasn’t into me from the start. And I just felt like I was a green card to the villa.”

Amy's face pretty much says it all here
Amy's face pretty much says it all here

“That’s so funny!” she responded. “That is the first time you’ve said that! How funny!”

He then claimed that he’d made the same comment during their sit-down date that was aired earlier in the episode, though it was not included in the final edit.

“If the rest of the interview got played… it would have been shown, wouldn’t it?” he suggested.

HuffPost UK has contacted Love Island for comment.

With Hugo and Amy now long out of the villa, Sunday’s Love Island ended with another cliffhanger, as three couples’ spots in the villa hang in the balance.

Find out which two pairs are shown the door in Monday night’s episode airing at 9pm on ITV2.

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